Services for Members of the Public

Dr Sasha works with members of the public, many of whom have already tried other therapists, counsellors or coaches but not found the help they need. Dr Sasha’s unique approach, skills and knowledge enable him to work safely and effectively with seemingly intractable issues. He is able to bring genuine and lasting relief to clients who have struggled to cope with the debilitating consequences of deep seated issues, and who have been discouraged by other practitioners’ well-intentioned but ineffective attempts to assist them.

How long does the treatment take?

Many clients’ issues that would take years to resolve via traditional “talking therapies”, or deemed as untreatable life conditions by some professionals, can be fully resolved, and not merely alleviated within several sessions. In some circumstances, clients work with Dr Sasha for six months or more when they need to address many longstanding personal and professional issues. Successful and complete resolution of all these issues is assured as long as the client maintains their commitment to the process of the work.

Dr Sasha works from a number of fundamental principles:

  • Confidentiality:
  1. Discretion with Content: What clients say to him is completely confidential on principle.
  2. Discretion with Names: Dr Sasha keeps the names of his clients he works with utterly confidential. You will never hear of individuals he has worked with unless they tell you themselves.
  • Alliance:

Dr Sasha establishes professionally intimate partnerships with his clients which enable them to recognise the nature of their own dysfunctions and destructive patterns of behaviour. He encourages his clients to independently self-reflect, so that they can become adept at identifying and working on their own issues in between meetings with him. This approach also means that each client is well equipped with the skills they need to continue their progress after the work has completed.

  • Authenticity, honesty and integrity:

Dr Sasha compassionately provides starkly honest feedback to each of his clients, feedback which challenges clients to recognise their blind spots and self-sabotaging behaviours, so that they can permanently resolve the issues behind these behaviours. He continues to tackle those issues for as long as his client needs, and does so with caring relentlessness and integrity.

So is Dr Sasha kind of like a counsellor?

In brief, much more than that. A counsellor is trained to offer their clients witnessing and empathy, so that they can come to a more considerate and compassionate understanding of what had happened with them. While these skills are very important, and anyone who works in this field needs them, what Dr Sasha does goes MUCH further than that. That basis of empathy and witnessing is the starting point of releasing distress and the underlying structures and frameworks that make the unwanted feelings and behaviours nearly compulsively repeat. So the vast difference between what the counsellor does and what Dr Sasha does is that he resolves the issue. He does not rely on the immense and genuine power of empathy and witnessing as a panacea for resolving all issues, and he takes a more concerted, direct, and technical action. Also, regular counsellors are taught about sequelae of psychological trauma, and how challenging circumstances and abuse really damage people. Dr Sasha is coming from the assumption that people are unbroken, they just have some cognitive misrepresentations about themselves that stand in the way of their wholeness. So Dr Sasha’s work is based on a very different set of fundamental assumptions. The specific techniques that he uses are based in the body. Research shows that traumatic events get encoded in the body, and can result in illness and in deeply unconscious and seemingly intractable unwanted behaviours and feelings. There are effective evidence-based techniques, that Dr Sasha uses, that work directly with the mind-body interface and allow a complete  release of various deep-seated issues with immense rapidity. Finally, as Dr Sasha is not limited by counselling or therapeutic rules about disclosures, he does what is to his knowledge in the best interests of the client, including giving direct advice and sharing relevant personal experience wherever appropriate.

What is a difference between what Dr Sasha does and “life coaching”?

In recent years, a lot of people have appeared who call themselves “life coach” of “business coach” after attending a yearly coaching course, or  sometimes merely after an introductory coaching weekend. These people are typically enthusiastic and well-intentioned, and pride themselves on being “present and future-oriented”, rather than on dealing with past issues.  While in some cases their good intentions are supported by a decent level of skill and genuine talent, unfortunately many of these individuals are ill-prepared to tackle long-standing, chronic issues that do not give in under the onslaught of positive thinking and SMART goals. Many coaches are employed part- or even full-time in another (unrelated) line of work, and their client experience is limited. That said, if you’re looking for someone to help you set and achieve your goals, to be your accountability buddy, and to motivate you when you’ve hit a hurdle, then hiring a life coach may be a good idea.