Mission Statement

Dr. Sasha Mitrofanov’s mission is to provide outstandingly effective remedies to clients whose professional or personal lives have been:

  • Blighted by shyness, anxiety, depression, compulsions or addictions
  • Unsettled by relationship upheavals
  • Stifled by personal issues, including childhood traumas
  • Sabotaged by habits or communication patterns that are destructive to their lives and careers
  • Frustrated by not being able to find practitioners with the right kinds of expertise to support them as they make changes to their lives

Dr Sasha provides members of the public with confidential, independent treatment to heal issues which impede the quality of their lives or undermine their workplace performance.

Dr Sasha’s Approach

There are many, many counsellors, coaches, and therapists in the marketplace, each of whom offers different techniques, different philosophies, different qualifications and different methods of working. Some are truly great, some are not as competent as they need to be, and many are simply just ok.

As a potential client looking for exceptional service and durable outcomes, the choices are extensive. But who do you turn to if one or more of the really good coaches, counsellors or therapists could not help you? Who do you trust with the unwanted habits, counter-productive behaviours, unpleasant feelings which keep catching you out and which no amount of talking, compassionate listening, or coaching have managed to resolve?

Remember King Edward from “The Kings’ Speech”? He had the resources to try every single speech therapist out there and was willing to pay whatever it cost to get the results he wanted, and yet no one could help him. That is, until he finally discovered Lionel Logue, a pioneering speech therapist with the challenging but effective answers King Edward had been looking for all along.

Like Lionel Logue of The King’s Speech, Dr Sasha’s combination of methods is backed by more than a decade of field-testing and can appear unorthodox. But what he does works. His unique blend of methods delivers unprecedented positive outcomes. His methods create dramatic and profound improvements in clients who have found other more mainstream methods to be ineffective. Depressed, anxious and demotivated clients experience restoration of their full emotional and psychological health. They return to their loved ones and work colleagues with greater self-awareness, increased resilience and zest for life and work.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Anastacia Sampson

    Dear Dr Sasha

    I have been in a co-dependent relationship for over a year. I truly believe that I have been able to de-attach myself from the situation and therefore help myself. I watched a clip on youtube today that you did on the visualisation and would like to say thank you for sharing it.

    Peace and light,

  2. Bernadette

    I have been working on codependency wit my daughter who has addictions. I wanted to let you know you you tube video was amazing and has really helped me. Thanks.

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